Conclusion of the sponsoring call of EXT:news

I would like to share the conclusion after my call for sponsors.

In a previous post I presented the roadmap of my TYPO3 extension news. Since then some people and companies contacted me for donations and that was a really great feeling! All of those are already very active in the TYPO3 community!

Open-source is all about sharing which works best in both ways! Therefore I would like to thank (ordered by date):

  • Olivier Dobberkau
  • Moritz Krauß
  • Claus Due
  • Christian Kuhn
  • Andreas Beyl
  • Cyberhouse GmbH

Some words about the sponsors!

Olivier Dobberkau

Olivier Dobberkau - the so called Mr. Reverend Neverend - is the CEO of dkd internet Services, located in Frankfurt, Germany.

He is one of the most generous people in the TYPO3 community and doing a lot for this project!

Moritz Krauß

Thanks for your PayPal donation, I really appreciate it!

Claus Due

Claus Due (twitter and nickname namelesscoder) is known very well for his work around TYPO3 Extbase & Fluid and has created countless extensions like fed, fluidpages, fluidcontent, ….

He offered a half day of work, dedicated to EXT:news!

Christian Kuhn

Thanks for your financial support as well!

Andreas Beyl / STIMME.NET

Andreas Beyl, senior developer and team leader at STIMME.NET sponsored a full working day!

STIMME.NET is a young and dedicated TYPO3 web agency of 15 employees. STIMME.NET provides websites for companies, associations and non-profit organizations for the southern region of Germany, near Stuttgart. Since 1998, we support our customers in conceptual design, development and implementation of websites, as well as in online marketing. Working with specialists we are able to offer our clients an individual and professional concept, perfectly matching your personal requirements.

Cyberhouse GmbH

The agency I am working at ( dedicated some hours as well which have been used to ensure the quality of this release. Thanks!